Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some days just stink!

Today is tough! I haven't had one of these stupid days in a long time!

I know it's because I took my family to worship! I thanked God today for HIS path my family is on! Satan hates that!  He wants me to blame God!  Satan is fighting of course unfairly today. He is using Kirk's disease to get at me. Kirk uttered the words "I hate you" today. This is the dreaded moment that the doctor warned me about. I prayed and prayed that God would not let me see this side of the disease.  But HIS plan is not my plan. I know it is the disease talking not my Kirk. Not sure right now my heart knows that........

Today Scott Brown talked to us about faith. Man, as soon as I heard what he was going to speak on I knew the waterworks would come. This is a topic so near to my heart. He reminded me of God's promises, God's love and God's perfect plan. God knew I needed to hear this message today, because he knew before It even happened that Kirk would become angry today and say things from the depth of this horrible disease not from the depth of his own heart.

Please, as you lay your head down tonight say a prayer for strength and thick skin for us all during this time. I'm not sure what lies ahead of us. I AM sure that God has gone before us and prepared the way. HIS perfect way.......

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  1. Prayers are going up for you and your family. Your amazing strength will endure because God has provided you with all you need to endure. Thank you for sharing your journey.