Sunday, August 25, 2013

News that rocked my world.....

Three months ago my husband began having problems with his speech. I would finish his sentences,( I guess when you have been married for 15+ years you tend to do that) and help him find the right words.  I also noticed his memory, mainly his short term memory decrease.  He would ask me the same questions over and over, not realizing he had already asked. It was not until we left for Florida (to marry our oldest off) that the realization that this was not a fluke thing set in.  My beloved's coordination and balance was off. He began to shuffle when he walked.  We decided on this trip that it was time to see a doctor.  Let me back up a little, before we left for Florida my husband switched careers. He had been in Healthcare administration for over 25 years. He was ready for a change, so on to bigger and brighter horizons. He began working for a great insurance company. He had been there a month before he became sick.  We got back from our trip and made our doctors appointment.....2 weeks away.  During these two weeks my sweety's health declined.  He wrecked his car and in my gut I knew it was due to whatever was going on with him.  It interrupted ability to work, he could not perform his job. Now let me stop and paint you a picture of the man I married.  Being able to provide for his family is part of who he is. We mean everything to him.  He puts his family first.  You kind of get the picture. If he can't perform his job in order to provide for his family, well that's where we are right now. We are dealing with those feelings, well I am trying to help him deal with those feelings. For a man that prides himself on being a provider this has to be pretty devastating.  The two weeks pass slowly,but we got in to see the doctor. Only to be sent to another doctor three weeks later. Yes, my love is still declining.  But let me stop and share how God walked me through this one.  We get to the neurologist's office (2nd doctor) and I walk in and see a friend from high school working the front desk. Such a sweet spirit!  Thank you God for giving me a familiar face to comfort me.  The weeks ahead of us would hold 2 weeks off and on of hospital stays, a failed visit to a specialist, a stint in the ER and a very anticipated doctor visit to Houston.

I realize I started this blog thing a little late in the game.  I feel like I need to catch everyone up on the situation. My reason for even starting this blog is therapeutic.  If you stumble upon my blog I hope by the time I get it caught up I am able to share this journey that God has put my family on and allow for God's grace and mercy to shine! There is so much more to share, but tomorrow will come early for our household! School starts!