Monday, December 9, 2013


My plan was to blog every night! I wanted everything fresh when I tapped the keys on my Mac........
That didn't happen.

My plan was to take my family to the Grand Canyon. Kirk and I always wanted to visit this amazing place! We have heard so much about how overwhelmingly beautiful it is.
That didn't happen.

"My plans"...... to hear those two words come out of my mouth make me laugh now! We spend our childhood years planning for our teenage years. We spend our teenage years planning for our college  (freedom from mom and dad) years. We spend our college years planning for adulthood( the real world). We spend adulthood planning for our golden years.  I wonder what would happen if we stopped planning and let God lead us. Could we really do this? I am sure some could, but I would have to bet the majority could not.

God showed me a thing or two about plans on this trip.  See "plans" are once again, me taking control of what I want the outcome to look like.  I forget that I never had control to begin with.  From the beginning God had a different plan for this trip, he had a different outcome in mind.  Graciously I stepped aside and did not grumble or grunt when "my plans" turned into "His plans".

HIS plans allowed our kids to play with their dad in knee deep snow, throw snowballs until their hands were frozen.  HIS plans gave us uninterrupted family time. How many of us get that?

I have so much to share, but tonight I am certain that God wants me to share the importance of HIS plan not our own agenda. I left on this journey with my family with a frazzled spirit.  Today I return with a peaceful spirit, knowing that I am not nor was I ever in control of my life.  Spirit lead! Spirit filled! Thank You God for the evidence of your love when you know I need it!

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