Sunday, December 22, 2013

When Do We Open Presents?

Kirk probably asks me at least 5 times a day, "when do we open presents?" After hearing this question over and over I looked a little deeper into his question.........

I don't know about you guys but I am like a kid on Christmas morning. I am positive I get on my kid's nerves! Camera flashing before they open their eyes. This Christmas is going to be bittersweet for our family. It will most likely be the last Christmas Kirk will be aware.  I pray God has a different plan, but like I said bittersweet.

My best friend took Kirk Christmas shopping for me. He was so excited! He wrapped his gift to me and put it under the tree. He will walk by the tree and say, "you are going to be so suprised!"  I wish I could bottle his excitement and smile!

I can't help but think about God's gift of His Son. The amazing things that happen in our lives, the gift of hope, peace and eternal love.  Kirk's question has me thinking, why do I not wake up every morning asking God if I can open the gifts He has for me. They are always right there waiting for me to open.

Today Kirk was watching TV in our room and from the kitchen I can see the outside door to our bedroom. I looked up and the door was open and Kirk was nowhere in sight. Few minutes later I hear him, "Stacey, Stacey come see." I follow him to the garage and he had found all of Drew and Jessica's trophies.  He said, "Look I found all of MY trophies!" He told me the story of each trophy...... 28 trophies:)  As I have said before we live in his world. I went right along with him............Again I wish I could bottle up his excitement.

Everyday I wake up next to Kirk is a gift. "When do we get to open presents?" Every morning Sweety, every morning.

Merry Christmas from The Russells

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