Saturday, November 9, 2013

You can Laugh about it or Cry ........We prefer Laughter!


Kirk: "Honey, did you know I held my breath for 4 hours today?"  Me: "Are you sure?"........Him: "Yes I did, I'm pretty awesome?" Me: "Yes you are, Sweety"

Him: "Last night I won 100 million dollars on The Chase!" Me: "What?" Him:  "Yea, I'm going to build hunting cabins for you and the boys and all our friends?"  Me: "Sweet!, You are always thinking about others."

These are the kinds of conversations we have lately, the line between what is real and what is not real seems to be thinning. I wonder what He thinks about all day? Where his mind goes. I am so thankful for Mrs. Donna. She has quickly become apart of our family. Kirk and Mrs. Donna play cards, go outside and Kirk's favorite thing about Mrs. Donna is she cooks!!!!!:) She keeps him occupied throughout the day.

Kirk: "Can I climb up in the attic today?" Me: "Why?" Kirk: "I want to get my hunting stuff" Bailey pipes in: "I'll get it down!"   Kirk:" I can do it, I can climb a ladder!"  In the beginning Kirk realized he was unable to do a lot of things, lately he has become unaware of his inabilities. He is a bit of a daredevil which makes me nervous. Everyday we have a moment of silence in our classroom. I take this opportunity to pray for my students and pray for the Lord to protect Kirk from harm.

Kirk: "Can I fly?" Me: " Well, What cha thinkin'?" Kirk: "Do you remember our honeymoon?" Me: "Yes" Kirk: "I want to do that again, that was fun!"

Kirk: "I can do a magic trick, wanna see it?" Me and Bailey: "Sure"  Kirk puts a toothpick in the end of a towel and breaks it. Then hands Bailey the towel and says, "now get it out" Bailey takes out the toothpick that is now in two pieces. Kirk: "Check that out!"

These are the times I choose to enjoy with laughter............

We ventured out tonight with kids in tow. I decided this afternoon that we were going to enjoy  dinner out ( thanks to The Yorks) and put up the Christmas tree! Yes I know it's a bit early but we are going to enjoy life, heck I might leave it up all year!!!!!!

I was reminded at dinner tonight how much I despise this disease. Everything about it ticks me off! I often have to take the role of caregiver instead of wife. It's a role I gracefully slip into especially in the evenings. See my sweetheart suffers from sundowners as well. When the sun goes down the dementia seems to reek havoc. One of the characteristics of the disease is lack of impulse control.  Kirk looses that control with food. He will eat until I make him stop. It's almost like he gets in a zone and constantly shovels it in. For a child ....I guess that is normal:/ but for a 52 year old man......not so much.  I constantly had to tell him to slow down and to use his napkin not his shirt. I felt as if I was talking down to him.....ugggh! I hate it! He is my husband for crying out loud! I would never belittle him. The worse part is I had to say these things in front of the kids. They are getting where they understand more and lovingly help their dad. Did I tell you how much I hate this disease?

These are the times I choose to cry............

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